Scott Calvin Technologies are Specialists in

Scott Calvin Technologies are Specialists in

Business Solutions

Scott Calvin Technologies provides Business Solutions services ranging from consultancy, website solutions,business optimization, marketing, business incubation, marketing, business coaching, advisory information, and marketing planning.

To make significant business improvement by developing effective and dynamic business strategies, whether you are a Business Start Up, Growth Business, Family Business or Social Enterprise it is vital to get business advice, business improvement expertise, mentoring, consultancy and training that is practical, cost effective and appropriate for your situation.

Running your business in today’s new and fast changing business environment is challenging.

All of these normal issues are pulling you in different directions:

  •     Getting and keeping more customers
  •     Improving your marketing
  •     Increasing profitability
  •     Competing with competitors undercutting your prices especially those on the internet
  •     Dealing with customers who are not paying quickly enough
  •     Improving staff performance
  •     Financing a Start Up or business growth
  •     Wishing to Work less hard whilst making more money

Then of course there are the outside pressures, coping with increasing legislation and regulation and poor economic conditions. In addition you need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and advances technology such as Internet Marketing, Social Media and using new communication tools like Skype, Google Chat and Instant Messaging.

Once you have dealt with all of this on a daily basis you need to operate your business activities selling and delivering services or product. You may even manufacture products, import and or export; all of this comes with more headaches.

Whilst doing this you can often feel you are battling the world all on your own and that’s a lonely place to be!

The good news is that there is help out there, get someone to guide you through this minefield and to act as an independent business friend and mentor. Also you will need a source of information and guidance that provides tools and techniques that are either free or low cost.

If all of this sounds familiar then we should be talking together!